Through a unique assessment tool and discovery journey, Breaking Through Consulting helps individuals and organizations break through, advance, and increase their influence and impact by finding, understanding, and activating their purpose. Our collaborative journey includes a clear plan that gives individuals and organizations the ability to maintain their fulfillment and success over time. This is our process:

1. Discovery

What might be?

This is where we work together to find your personal or your organization's purpose or reason to exist. Complete Breaking Through Consulting’s Got Purpose™ Assessment Tool.

2. Plan

How can it be?

Next, we design a detailed plan to unleash your potential or your organization's potential. This plan includes identifying how you can start living on purpose. It can also help you position your brand with more aliveness, intention, and hope.

3. Execution

What will be done?

This is the delivery phase during which we execute our plan. It involves identifying resources, roles, and responsibilities, and how to take ownership mindfully and responsibly or learn how to lead and delegate.

4. Monitor and Control

What’s working? What is not? What are the results?

We will collect and analyze the data to then adjust our plan to meet your changing needs.

5. Evaluation and Closure

How did we do? What can we do better? How else can we help?

We will listen. Feedback is welcome. It matters so we can grow and improve.

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What You Can Expect as a Result:


An increased capacity to implement important activities that are designed to help you achieve and sustain results over time.


A better idea of industry trends and insights, emotional awareness, and other research and the ability to leverage this knowledge to positively impact your purpose and bottom line.


The skills to leverage people, ideas, processes, and communications to build personal or brand awareness and reputation.


A deeper understanding of yours or your organization's reason to exist and how to best activate it for personal fulfillment and social good.


Clear knowledge of yours and your organization’s intended audiences and how to engage them.


The ability to move from crisis to sustainability and continually contribute back to society.


Fulfillment and increased resources or funds to support your mission.

What you can expect
is a breakthrough.

What You Can Expect From Breaking Through Consulting:

A commitment to serving you with accountability and transparency.

Focused thought leadership that pursues alignment with your core values.

A listening heart that seeks understanding and empathy.

A collaborative, truthful, and meaningful journey of learning and growing.

A deliberate, clear, and purposefully strategic plan and the steps to move forward and achieve results.

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