We are not meant to do life alone. We are always striving to embrace our purpose so we can come alongside others and create change for social good. Take a look at the following resources. They might educate, equip, and encourage you in your journey.

About BTC | Breaking Through Barriers

Learn more about the services provided by Breaking Through Consulting, and how Clara Lucia Carrier can help you discover and unleash your purpose!
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How To Sell To Non-Profits with Clara Carrier

Selling is not a one way street that benefits one side vs the other. Non-profit leaders must become sellers themselves. When they bring a human touch to the donor, and see them as people, both can improve the world. When sellers and marketers help fulfill the non-profit mission, success is assured.
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Equipping The Younger Generations to Ignite, Unleash, and Use their Purpose for Social Good.

As a guest speaker for Generation Distinct, a nonprofit that believes young people want to live a life that matters, Clara talks about the importance and relevance of our purpose to discover and empower young-adults to live a life that matters.
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Pursuing Purpose: A Personal Journey to More of Life

Founder of Go4CEO, John Andrade interviews Clara about her faith-step-journey into entrepreneurship as a mom, wife, and a “go-getter-woman” in life. Her business and services are the result of a deep desire to discover, connect, and purse her own purpose in service of others.
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Selling Your Purpose

In a stereotypical sense, a salesperson is someone whose main goal is to sell you a product or service, get your money, and make you into a customer. As a nonprofit, it’s different.
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Discovering Purpose

My purpose is your purpose, but that hasn’t always been the case. I spent much of my life discovering my purpose, even though I didn’t necessarily know that’s what I was doing.
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Never-Ending Purpose

Finding your purpose is not a one-time thing. It is a never-ending process of discovery and rediscovery. If you think of your purpose as concrete and unchanging, you will become stagnant. The world will grow around you, eventually hiding you from view.
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Leading With Purpose

We all have influence. We are able to positively impact, inspire, and ignite others into action, into leadership, no matter what we do, where we work, or what type of personality we have.
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Our Purpose = Our Becoming

I did not have ideal parents. No one does. I grew up with no awareness or education around the significance of my own emotions or my inner being. I also thought I had to earn love. So, I set my north on mothering, nourishing, and caring for others as means to find mattering, belonging, and purpose. My yearning to be loved became the fuel to sacrificing my own needs in service of others.
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Purpose as Catalyst for Change: A Year in Review Despite the Pandemic

Founder of Go4CEO, John P Andrade welcomes Clara back to his Go4Ceo channel. His passion and commitment to supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs speak to the caring person that he is and his yearning to make a difference.
This time, Clara shares about last year's pandemic, the challenges, and also the milestones for her business and life. What kept her motivated? Her purpose to learn and grow, to transform, and become.

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